EZ Pur Sanitation Station

EZ Pur Hand Sanitation Station (Stand Only)

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The EZ Pur Hand Sanitation Station lets you put hand sanitizer wherever it's needed most. Great for entryways, high traffic areas or wherever crowds gather.

The sanitizer stand includes a drip bed to prevent sanitizer leaks on floors. The extra-large base plate provides stability. Adjustable height level, allows you to slide the neck lock to the appropriate height, keeping the bottle secure.

  • Designed to hold 1 gallon/3.78 litre format
  • Adjustable bottle theft protection
  • Fit with various 3.78 or 4L  bottle shape
  • Space to insert your logo or message on top
  • Developed and manufactured in Canada
  • Printed header not included
  • Dimension 11.5 x 11.5 x 44”
  • Durable steel with white powder coat
  • Quality build with heavyweight base
  • Shipped ready to use in a box
  • In stock, fast and free shipping in Canada
  • Sanitizer not included